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Executing Your Stakeholders’ Vision

Successful project management relies on the experience, personality and accountability of those who are the driving force the collective effort. Our teams focus on fully understanding your core requirements to ensure project goals are realized through all phases so you achieve results and improve operations.

Discuss Your Needs

Expertise in Gaining Alignment

Our overarching skill is navigating project management. We serve as the bridge to connect internal departments that may not be incongruence, third-party vendors who may have something to lose, and new partners who may not know enough about your business to fully grasp the project scope, quality requirements and resources invested.

Project Management — Your Way

Vignetic can manage a project outright by taking the reins from start-to-finish, assist in an advisory role by supplying missing in-house expertise or supplement your project manager to meet strict deadlines and deliverables. We are a flexible asset to help project integration by filling time and cost management gaps, amplifying communication and minimizing risk.

When experience dovetails with expectations.

Proof Positive: 84% Reduction in Payroll Processing

Case Study:
Cloud Based Driver Payment Calculator

PCF Corporation

Vignetic developed a custom distribution services application to calculate worker pay for parcel delivery. Functionality not available in enterprise SAP ERP application.

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