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While managed services mean the hiring of a third-party IT vendor, they provide more wide-ranging benefits than typical outsourcing. At Vignetic, we form a partnership with your business. We’re armed with the talent, services and expertise to customize a program for your objectives focused on increasing efficiency and enhancing proficiency.

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IT Solutions Benefit the Bottom Line

Vignetic acts as a single point of content (SPOC) for the IT environments we manage. We deliver a collaborative, fully integrated service desk so that every effort is aligned to the objectives of end-users, IT staff and the organization as a whole. Utilizing our CIMS framework helps to marry your IT investment and organizational objectives.

Customization and Cost-Savings

Regardless of the specific managed services program we provide, you’ll realize cost savings by moving internal resources off the company payroll so valuable personnel can be reassigned to more high-value positions. You’ll gain additional expertise beyond your inhouse resources ranging from data science and analytics to staffing and business process outsourcing

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