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Properly leveraging the volume of available data gives a high-definition view of your organization. We build data analytics systems to deliver the timely information you need to draw actionable insights. Using modern tools and graphical dashboards, we give you a reliable source of truth to drive informed decisions.

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Vignetic does more than just organize the overflow of data. We combine data silos into meaningful metrics to better engage clients, add efficiency to operations and ultimately grow your business. By providing real-time reporting of accurate analytics, we make you more agile when responding to changing markets and stakeholder needs.

Inherent Data Integrity

Our services range from the most detailed description of your business data to the more complicated cause and effect relationships of KPls. We take a multi-pronged approach to refining analytics processes that ensure data integrity. We know the insights you seek will form future strategy, and help maximize your potential with powerful data analytics.

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Proof Positive: 90%+ PHAS Scores to assist NASS

Case Study:
MicroStrategy Reporting and Business Support Services

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Vignetic data analytics, managed services team provides Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) scores of the government’s portfolio of affordable housing.

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