Positioning for Performance and Growth

Whether you need to hand off some or all of your recruiting process, our recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) experts can seamlessly integrate with your internal resources to build on and build out their effort.

An Extension of Your HR Team

Our RPO teams are familiar with a broad range of applicant tracking systems (ATS), CRM applications and HR-related platforms. We offer a flexible approach to recruitment process outsourcing by employing best practices we’ve perfected over 20 years of staffing projects.

Multiply Your Recruiting Capacity

We do what makes sense for your organization and tailor our approach to achieve your desired outcomes. While others look to take over and mandate a specific format, Vignetic empowers clients by being open to using what works from their process.

Vignetic can leverage our own or your platforms, social media channels and networks to multiply recruiting capacity. We partner with your team to reduce cost and vacancy time while delivering the ability to scale quickly with quality hires.

Advance Recruiting Strategy

Harness the Vignetic Energy.

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