Positioning for Performance and Growth

Whether you need to hand off some or all of your recruiting process, our recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) experts can seamlessly integrate with your internal resources to build on and build out their effort.

An Extension of Your HR Team

Our RPO teams are familiar with a broad range of applicant tracking systems (ATS), CRM applications and HR-related platforms. We offer a flexible approach to recruitment process outsourcing by employing best practices we’ve perfected over 20 years of staffing projects.

Multiply Your Recruiting Capacity

We do what makes sense for your organization and tailor our approach to achieve your desired outcomes. While others look to take over and mandate a specific format, Vignetic empowers clients by being open to using what works from their process.

Vignetic can leverage our own or your platforms, social media channels and networks to multiply recruiting capacity. We partner with your team to reduce cost and vacancy time while delivering the ability to scale quickly with quality hires.

Advance Talent Acquisition


1. People

Once we understand your needs, we include a tiered organizational chart right in our proposal. We outline the Vignetic human resources who will drive your recruiting. We optimize the amount of people at each level to best meet your requirements and expand exponentially.

Our staffing service delivery team is comprised of SCRUM-certified project management, SIA-certified recruiters, marketplace researchers and administrative resources armed with the most advanced tools to track performance.

Data Insights

Analytic-enabled AI and ML ensure efficient talent sourcing

Subject Matter Expertise

Leverage our ties to the social communities where SMEs live

Collaborative Engagement

Predicative Data-Driven RPO brings clients into the process

Pathway for Success

Our scalable RPO process meets your unique requirements

2. Process

Vignetic runs RPO projects based on our Urgent Demand Staffing model for both nationwide and international talent acquisition. We assemble the right team for your needs, and put a framework around our people to keep them connected to your organizational goals.

As true subject matter experts in exec and tech staffing, particularly ITS and ERP platforms, clients benefit from our methodical approach.

We add structure to RPO for improved visibility, communication and faster delivery by using a mix of proven tools:

  • SCRUM Project Management Approach
  • Proprietary C.I.M.S. Methodology (Collaborative Integrated Managed Services)
  • Accelerators of both service and solution
  • Candidate Scoring and Qualification

“The talent was so great that we required fewer roles and came in under budget. Our CEO, CIO, CPO and COO all gave rave reviews for building out an entire IT function with so many people so quickly.”

Everette Brown

Head of Talent Aquisition

3. Platform

Vignetic’s RPO solutions standout because our dedicated team and efficient process are 100% aligned to provide top-tier human resources for clients who demand them despite short timelines and complex needs. We use an array of advanced tools including AI/ML to provide integrated analytics-based solutions.

Client HR departments and C-level executives appreciate how our RPO projects deliver what we call “scalable candidates”, talent whose subject matter expertise mean one person can fill two positions or more. This serves to shrink your project scope, makes for less HR overhead and provides expanded capability that helps companies grow.

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